In some villages there are still baby checks

Despite the fact that since 2,500 euros the aid granted by the government by birth or adoption has been withdrawn since January 1, in some villages there are still baby checks.

With the aim of making life easier for parents who have just had a baby, in some small municipalities in Spain they have decided to offer amounts ranging from 150 to 1,500 euros. They are delivered in cash, in vouchers to buy items for the newborn and even really effective aids are given, rather than delivering money, to encourage birth.

Some municipalities in the province of Zaragoza have joined the initiative, even at the cost of making a great effort for their economies. Children born in Ejea receive 150 euros, those of María de Huerva are entitled to a benefit of 300 euros, those born in Monegrillo receive 720 euros in heels of 60 euros to spend in local shops (and in the way they support the commercial activity of the town), while in Sediles 500 euros are given, distributed one hundred and one hundred during the first five years of the child's life.

In Logrosán, a town of Cáceres, 500 euros are given to the parents of children born from January 1 to buy products exclusively for the newborn in local stores. Half is delivered at birth and the other half at six months.

Each town offers, to the extent of its possibilities, but without doubt the most tempting offer is that of the Malaga town of Almáchar, where they have decided to maintain during this year an aid for 1,500 euros to all children born in the municipality.

But not only that. The doses of meningitis and chickenpox vaccines are also paid (not included in all vaccination schedules), a two-week work contract is given to one of the parents in case of unemployment and free childcare is offered. .

Although they are towns with a small population where we speak at most fifteen births per year as in the case of Almáchar are initiatives designed to meet the real needs of families.

Since the 2,500 euros baby check is over, and in communities such as Madrid's, aid was also removed, at least there are municipalities really committed to make up for that withdrawal.

If you know other municipalities that grant aid to parents We invite you to comment on the comments of the post to share it with other families.

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